Primary Education Department,Sundorganj,Gaibandha

Fill in the gaps by writing the time or days so that the story makes sense. 5
Last year I enjoyed a journey by boat. I, with my parents, went to my uncle’s house. We started from home at (a) —— in the morning. We got on the boat at (b) ——. On the way, we took our lunch at (c) ——. We got down from the boat at (d) ——I got my uncle there. He took us to his residence. Finally, we reached there at (e) —— .
Re-arrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences. 2×5=10
back/ come/ home
Fill in the following form for yourself to submit it with an application. 1×5=5

Primary Education Department,Sundorganj,Gaibandha
Final exam/2019
Sub: English
Class : 4
Time : 2:30 minutes Full Marks : 100
Read the given text and answer the questions No 1, 2, 3 & 4.
Hi! I’m Sagar. I’m in class 4. I’m nine years old. I have a little sister. Her name is keya. She’s only three years old. My father is a doctor and my mother is a housewife. My grandfather was a school teacher, but he doesn’t work now. My grandfather helps me with my homework. He is very smart. My grandmother works at home. She makes the best “pithas” in the world! She helps my mother in the garden. My mother has a wonderful garden. I’m very proud of it. She grows the best tomatoes and cucumbers in the neighborhood.
Fill in the blanks with appropriate word from the box. Three are three extra words which you do not need to use. 1×5=5
Smart Teacher Grandmother 4
Home Mother 9 housewife
Sagar is —— years old?
Sagar’s grandmother works at —-?
Sagar’s mother is a—–
Sagar’s —– grows tomatoes and cucumbers.
Sagar’s grandfather is ——
Write true or false. If false, give the correct answer. 1×6=6
Sagar is eight years old?
Sagar and keya are siblings.
Sagar’s father was a school teacher.
His grandfather helps him with his homework?
Grandfather is very simple?
Sagar’s father is a teacher and mother is a doctor?

Answer the following questions in sentences. 2×6=12
What is sagar’s father?
What do sagar’s parents do?
Where dose sagar’s mother grow tomatoes and cucumbers?
What was sagar’s grandfather?
How old is sagar’s sister?
What does sagar’s grandmother do?
Write a short composition on “Sagar and his family” answering the following questions: 10
Which class does sagar read in?
Whom does he live with?
What do they do?
Why is he proud of?
What things does his mother grow?
Read the text and answer the questions 5, 6, 7 & 8.
Marco polo was a famous traveler. He come from Venice, Italy. He was born in 1254. His father’s name was Marco Niccola. In 1271 Marco polo set out for china with father and uncle on an embassy
From the pope to Kublai khan, the emperor of china. Then polo went on and on across deserts and over high mountains and at last reached Peking. They were received by the emperor himself. Marco polo was and reliable and so the khan made him his ambassador. After seventeen years polo. Obtained permission to return home and was eventually back home after an absence of twenty your years. Marco polo died in 1234.
Fill in the blanks with given words ( 3 more words are there).
Khan Pope infamous ambassador
deserts minister renowned polo
Marco Polo was a/an———-person.
The little of the Chinese was———-
Polo became a/an——— of Kublai Khan
The———-sent him to China.
Polo crossed——–and mountains.

Write true or false. If false, give the correct answer. 1×6=6
Kublai khan was a famous traveler.
Marco Polo was wise and reliable.
He came from Venice in France.
In 1971, Marco Polo travelled China with his father and uncle.
After fifteen years Polo got permission to return home from Kublai Khan.
Kublai Khan made Marco Polo as his ambassador.
Answer the following questions. 2×5=10
Where and when was Marco Polo born?
Who accompanied him in the journey?
What is the pope?
What difficulties did the Polo have while travelling to China?
Whom did Marco Polo serve as an ambassador?
Write simple personal letter to your friend about Marco Polo . 10
Make five WH question with the underlined word(s) from the given statements. 2×5=10
Rehana Parvin is 33yeas old.
She works in Kushtia.
She is a doctor..
She takes care of the patients
She likes her job very much.
Read the instructions about picking up a photo, then answer the following questions. 2+2+2=6
Which thing is needed first to take photos?.
Which item should be inserted into a camera?
How can you take a photo?

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